1,209 Cyclists Ride for Free Bikes 4 Kidz!

June 19th, 2019 by

The 50+ year tradition has cycled its way into becoming the most epic recreational ride in Minnesota.

The thought of conquering the early spring climate and challenging terrain has captivated the commitment of tens of thousands of participants over the years. And this year was no exception!

A little wind never stopped this crew. This last Saturday, over 1,200 cyclists came out and biked one of the four trails that held anywhere between 5-100 miles. In fact, our very own Service Operations Director Mark Ketterer biked all 100 miles and came to work on Monday WALKING like it was no big deal. Mark said he did it for his brother, Tim who was an avid biker that recently passed of cancer. Mark said “I almost took a turn for the 68 [mile trail], but then I know Tim deserved more of a tribute than that. I called on him many times to push me up hills, and he must have heard. Although he could have pushed just a little more!”

A total of 8.5 hours Mark biked, as did others to support Free Bikes 4 Kidz—a non-profit organization geared toward helping all kids ride into a happier, healthier childhood by providing bikes to those most in need. We were so excited to participate in this event and see the impact it will have on kids in our community!

Why We Love Free Bikes 4 Kidz

The practical teacher of trust, balance, and independence. From that first feeling of freedom to first scraped knee, a bike is so much more than just an alternative form of transportation. To a child, a bike is an escape car for a secret agent, or a saddled up horse for a cowgirl. Whether its meeting and playing with others, or learning to look both ways before crossing the street, a bike creates opportunities. All that while promoting exercise. While there seems to be endless opportunities for our thumbs to control a BMX racer in a digital dirt-road arena. A child’s imagination is more life-like than a television screen.

Free Bikes 4 Kids is dedicated to giving children the opportunity to learn, play, and grow. The organization has given over 32,000 free bikes away in the last 8 years! Through public donations of gently used bikes, Free Bikes 4 Kids recruits thousands of volunteers to clean and refurbish them. Once they are like new, the organization give them to kids in need.

Thank you to everyone who came out and participated, and those who helped keep the event running smoothly. We’ll see you next year!


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