5 Reasons Apple Autos is Different Than Other Dealers

January 10th, 2019 by

Look. We are well aware of the reputation the car industry has earned. And we decided early on that we weren’t going to to play along. That’s is why we work so hard to be a welcome contrast to our competition. So, really, how can a car dealership not negotiate? How can they make money if they aren’t paid based on how expensive your car is? How does their model work? Here’s the secret: We make money from your loyalty, over the long haul. That’s it. No short term thinking or scheming. No hidden agendas. And if we make a mistake, we own it and try to make it right.

1. One Low Price, Plain and Simple, Always

Best price shouldn’t come from negotiation, but from integrity. Whether you’re shopping online or in the store, you can be confident knowing that we’ve already done the hard work for you. It’s never made sense to us why someone who’s a worse negotiator should pay more for a vehicle. Most car salesman negotiate every day, so they’ve already got the advantage. We give you our best price upfront so you don’t have to work for it. We’d rather earn money from your loyalty over time.

2. Relaxed Shopping Experience & Consultative Sales Process

Our sales team isn’t paid on how much you pay for your car, but rather on volume and your overall of satisfaction with the vehicle you purchased. So it doesn’t matter if you buy a $500 car or a $50,000 car. What matters to us is that you have a relaxing experience, assured that you’re making the best and wisest decision for you.

3. Real Cash Value for Your Trade

We believe the value of the car you trade in is based on the current market value, not the vehicle you want to buy. That’s why we have an interactive trade evaluation process designed to ensure you get every penny you deserve on a trade-in vehicle. No unfair negotiation, just truthful documentation. We sell a lot of used vehicles, and we’ll purchase yours even if you don’t purchase ours!

4. The Right vehicle at The Right Time

Having limitless vehicle options is the standard we set to achieve. Various levels of reconditioning are performed on each vehicle according to its need, and that information is always accessible to you! So shop with ease, knowing our best marked price is fair and transparent.

5. You Can’t Buy the Wrong Vehicle from Us

Circumstances change, and sometimes we don’t like things as much as we thought we would. That’s why we have a 7-day money back guarantee on new and pre-owned as well as a 30-day exchange on most pre-owned vehicles. Which means that all you have to do is bring it back in the same condition it was in when purchased and get a full refund or money towards your exchange. We won’t ask any questions, or beg you to reconsider. -3 months, 3000 miles drive train warranty on most pre-owned vehicles.


It’s different here at Apple Autos.


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