America’s Best-Selling Pick-Up is Going Electric

January 31st, 2019 by

You may have heard that the future is looking bright in the auto world, that’s because it’s going electric.

So put your shades on folks, because Ford Motor Company recently announced that it plans to create a battery-powered version of its best-seller, the F-150.

“Here’s what’s going to happen next…” said Ford President Jim Farley. “We’re gonna be electrifying the F-series—both battery-electric and hybrid.”

According to Vox, about 270 pickup trucks are sold every hour in the United States—that’s 6,500 per day. What was once a strict workhorse designed to haul and lift has worked its way into becoming the comfortable and charismatic envy of all Americans. And why not give it one more reason to hold that standard? With the “electrifying” news, we’re expecting great strides from our F-150 friend.

While no mechanical details have emerged about the F-150 EV, there’s a good chance it will share some components with the Mustang-inspired electric crossover. Oh, you haven’t heard? Yeah, it’s gonna be big. Now, obviously a truck with this caliber is going to require a much larger battery pack and the high-power electric motor in order to fulfill its expected capabilities.

Tesla and Michigan-based Rivian Automotive have plans to join in on the fun as they have announced that they too will be coming out with their own electric truck rendition. But of course, we are most excited about Ford’s. Why? Because for four decades straight, Ford’s F-series have been the bestselling vehicles in America. And besides their basic work functions, they offer a level-up with luxury features that compete with their rivals in both opulence and dollar.

If you’re looking to jump on the electric truck bandwagon before it fills up, now’s your chance.

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