Built on Trust

March 24th, 2020 by

We met Cassie Gaustad last fall when she found herself going 15 mph down the highway just 24 hours after purchasing her vehicle from another dealership. Her car was towed to the nearest dealership, which was Apple Ford Shakopee.

Our service advisor Shelley met Cassie when she arrived and could tell she was upset. Having missed her daughter getting off the school bus, she was worried something could have happened.

Though Cassie didn’t have an appointment, we knew her situation wasn’t something we could put on hold. So we had our service specialist, Neal take a look at her vehicle right away. And after only a couple minutes of inspection, Neal spotted the problem.

“I popped the hood, looked at it quick and noticed that a mouse had chewed through the wire.”

“I was almost laughing,” said Cassie “that that actually could happen. I was also very frustrated that is did happen and then I was panicked because what am I gonna do without my car?”

She continued, “I was on the verge of tears. And I know the service tech saw that.”

Neal explained to Cassie that while we didn’t have the part she needed, we had a solution thanks to our technician, Robert who decided to sodder the connecter instead of replacing it in order to get Cassie back on the road as soon as possible.

At Apple Autos, we maintain the value of people over profit. We know that everyone is empowered to take care of the customer in any which way, shape, or form it is. To go the extra mile for every person who comes through our doors is what we strive to be known for.

Cassie stated, “They went above and beyond to make sure I got where I needed to go. They have absolutely earned my trust and I will definitely be a lifetime customer of theirs.”

It’s different here.

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