Don’t Call it a comeback: Chevrolet Revives The Trailblazer

June 11th, 2019 by

Because the Baby Bronco wasn’t about to get all the glory.

It’s true, the 2019 Chevy Blazer is not barren. The Real-People, Not-Actors motor company recently announced that they are bringing back the beloved Trailblazer. It seems that Americans are still SUV-starved, even for the mid-sizers. We suppose the minimalism movement has yet to sweep the automotive industry, and Chevy is taking full advantage of that.

Though, to many enthusiasts’ disappointment, Chevrolet brought back the iconic Blazer in 2019 only to “fit in” with all of its crossover competition–leaving its bulky frame and off-road aesthetic in the early 2000’s. We have no reason to think the Chevy Trailblazer will be much different when it comes to reminiscing the good ol’ days, but just hear us out–it’s probably going to be better than you think. In fact, Chevy has already promised that the Trailblazer will come in a sporty RS trim with a snazzy 2-tone roof

First of all, let’s get one thing straight. The Trailblazer has not come to replace the Trax or the Equinox. Nope, engineers specifically designed the Trailblazer to be larger than the Trax, but smaller than the Equinox. A true goldilocks standard of “just right.”

“The Trailblazer’s great design enables more personalization,” said Chevrolet crossover marketing director, Steve Majoros. “[It’s] a continuation of the design language for Chevy’s crossover family and extends our momentum into one of the industry’s fastest-growing segments.”

What We Can Expect

Though it’s been over 10 years since a Chevy Trailblazer graced a showroom floor, but we’re expecting some signature Chevy styling. Rumor has it that the inside of the 2021 Trailblazer will not be following in big brother Blazer’s footsteps.

According to Motor Authority, the Trailblazer will sport a horizontal dash design similar to the Equinox. Of course, it will be 2021, so a touchscreen infotainment system will inevitably be integrated, situated above control buttons for both audio and climate. We’re looking at a RS model displaying red trim accents around the vents—really securing the sporty look.

All Trailblazers will come with standard active safety tech including automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection and active lane control. Adaptive cruise control, rear park assist, and a high definition rear vision camera will also be available.

We’ll get a better picture of what we’re in for as far as powertrain, price, and fuel economy come early 2020. For now, enjoy these teasers!


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