The Retro Wave: Ford Re-Introduces 70’s Pick-Up, The Courier

April 3rd, 2019 by

Between the return of the legendary Ford Bronco and now the Courier, there’s no doubt that the Blue Oval is keeping up with the times.

Yes, your 13-year old daughter is wearing scrunchies in her hair and asking for a record-player for her birthday. We didn’t ask for it, but the 70’s are back people, and Ford is taking advantage of the rekindled retro-fever by marketing 2 of its most iconic models from the era.

Believe it or not, there was a time Ford and Mazda were going steady. No, it’s true. The love affair struck up in 1971 when Ford wanted to clap-back at the Toyota/Nissan pickups unexpected popularity by importing the Mazda B-series trucks in to the United States. Having previously used the name “Courier” for its 1952-1960 sedan delivery, multi-passenger vehicles, Ford found that it was better suited on a small pick-up truck.

The redesigned and redefined Courier arrived in style, crashing the Toyota/Nissan pickup party in ’72. Like its competition, the Courier featured a sub 2-liter, four-cylinder engine, a four-speed manual transmission, rear-wheel drive, and impressive payload (1,400 lbs).

A familiar Mazda body met Ford’s built-tough tendencies to embody a pickup unlike any other. While the 1.8-liter Courier made slight badging changes during its first generation run, (like having “COURIER” across the grille switched to “FORD”) it stayed true to its heritage.

In 1977, a boxier body was introduced and the base model engine increased to 2.0 liter. It had a solid 10-year run in North America, until the 1983 Ranger showed up. The Courier continued to be sold oversees in places like Brazil and Mexico. But now Ford is sharing the love internationally and we’re pretty excited.

Vintage lovers, check out the brochure for the 1974 Ford Courier!

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