Rumors About The Highly-Anticipated 2020 Bronco

December 21st, 2018 by

Off-Roaders, listen up!

What did I miss? Oh, nothing–just the most infamous car chase of all time. While the Bronco name will forever be hitched to O.J. Simpson, the story of the prestigious pony begins nearly 20 years before one of the most televised events in history. So let us reminisce when gas was 12 cents a gallon and Star Trek was too new to have fan clubs.

Rolling off the assembly line in 1966, the first generation Bronco would reign as the off-roading top dog all the way through 1977. Available as a hardtop, pickup, or convertible, the Bronco revolutionized SUV’s, giving the people what they wanted and more.

The second generation Bronco had big shoes to fill considering its 11 years of popularity. The rugged redesign sold as a single, three-door model with a removable hardtop, featuring V-engines exclusively. But like all great SUV’s, the Bronco required its own trademark, which the second-gen introduced—a rear window that lowered into the door.

And then there came the 80’s—the Bronco’s third-gen thriving years. A more comfortable, sophisticated model that sported the Ford logo on its grille as opposed to the F-O-R-D we’ve seen resurface on 2018 Raptors.  With a six-cylinder engine and upgraded suspension, this Bronco had the world to see and convinced America to let it take them there.

If there was ever a Bronco born for the F-series, it was the fourth generation Bronco. The late 80’s and early 90’s were graced with the 100-mph beast with a 5.0 liter V-8 appetite.

And of course, the iconic fifth generation Bronco that you can really only picture in white. While the 1994 low-speed chase stretching 75 miles across Los Angeles may have been the best advertising Ford would ever see, they are coming back with strong attempts in the 2020 Bronco.

Ford has done a pretty good job of concealing most of the new Bronco’s secrets. And were even quoted saying that they have “an exciting product future, but [they] don’t comment on speculation.” Well played, Ford. Well played. While rumors circulate, we can’t help but tune our ears to the ones we hope and pray to be true and others we don’t.

4 Doors or No Doors

If you’re anticipating an old school Bronco, we have sad news. The likelihood of the Bronco being a 2-door SUV seems pretty slim at this point. Gear Patrol leaked comments from an anonymous engineer who stated, “there’s just no market” for a two-door Bronco. However, Ford making four-door exclusive models tells us that the Bronco isn’t looking to compete with the Wrangler, (which offers both 2 and 4-door models) but is completely confident in its own metal.

Removable Roof

While this may not appeal to many Minnesotans, the Bronco has been rumored to have a removable roof. “Two well-placed sources” found by The Truth About Cars supposedly claimed the 2020 Bronco will feature modular roof panels that can be removed and stowed inside the vehicle. So again, maybe it is competing with the Wrangler.

Front and Rear Axles

One thing we know for sure is that Ford Executive Vice President Joe Hinrichs promised a bona-fide off-roader, which will undoubtedly compete with MotorTrends SUV of the year, the Jeep Wrangler. But the promise has proved to be more than reliable in recent news. Dana Incorporated, who manufactures automotive axels for Jeep recently revealed that it has been selected as the driveline supplier for both the 2019 Ranger and 2020 Bronco. And of course, exquisite off-road capability starts with a solid front axle.

While we can’t say for certain that the new Bronco will offer business in the front and a party in the back, we can assure you it’s looking to give its brand competitors a run for their money.


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