Set Sail in the 2020 Lincoln Corsair

October 23rd, 2019 by

(Re) Introducing Lincoln’s smallest Sports Utility Vehicle–sporting a new name and new personality, at 3,800 pounds of pure grandeur, ladies and gentlemen, the 2020 Lincoln Corsair.

What’s in A Name?

To be honest, we’re digging the all-new persona. Because after years of meaningless acronyms, Lincoln is finally offering some poetic justice for its deserving luxury.

What was once known as the MKX is now the multifaceted, oceanic Nautilus. And now we’re kissing MKC good-bye and welcoming the Corsair–a true wonder, anchored in an abyss of sophistication. Are we exaggerating? It’s possible. But probably not. It’s Lincoln, people.

The Voyage

Looks like the All-New Aviator isn’t the only smooth operator in Lincolns new lineup. After several test-drive reviews from sources like Motor 1, Motor Trend, Road Show, we’re thoroughly convinced that it’s nothing but smooth sailing in the Corsair. Yes, it’s a reintroduction of a previous model, but Lincoln was really going for a brand new, unique character of its own and let us be the first to say, it delivers.

The Corsair’s tenacious personality translates well onto its road-performance. Noise, vibration, and harshness levels are what you want and more – convincing us this clipper could conquer any storm.

“The Corsair deals with both road noise and engine noise exceptionally well, with both hardly ever entering the cabin.” – Motor 1

Although it shares the same new front-wheel-drive platform as its cousin, the Ford Escape, there is no denying that the two designs are engineered completely different. According to Motor Trend, “Few buyers will confuse or even cross-shop them.” That’s probably because the Corsair is longer and wider, and the floating roof sits lower. It costs more, but with good reason. It’s a Lincoln, people.


The interior is no exception to the Corsair pride. Lincoln kept it simple, but elegant with trim that extends from the steering wheel on to the passenger window. High-grade leather envelopes the inside, giving us mid-century modern vibes.

Even the controls are getting in on the minimalistic fun. Easy to locate, simple to use, and classy as heck–especially the push-to-talk button where the thumb rests. And it doesn’t stop there. There are 30-way adjustable seats with controls on the door, perhaps giving Mercedes a wink.

The only thing that’s missing is a built-in espresso maker… One day, Lincoln. One day.

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