Shakopee High School Hosts Saber Showcase and Career Expo

January 17th, 2019 by

“A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.” – Francis Bacon

It was a chilly evening, but warm welcomes were all around. We were so honored to participate in Shakopee High School’s Saber Showcase and first career expo of 2019. If you haven’t heard or seen the crazy big expansion that was officially completed this past summer, you’re going to want to check it out.

Tables of career opportunity filled the lunch room and wrapped around the hall, past the school bank (yes, you read that right) and outlined the culinary kitchen, (yep, they have that too) where students displayed their baking and Cake-Boss level skills. We must admit, Olaf scored our vote!

Students traveled in groups, exploring all the different paths they could take post-graduation. The US Navy, Life Link Medical, Southwest News Media, Delightful Chiropractic, and Collins Aerospace were just a few of the many organizations represented. But of course, we were most excited to see how many students stopped by our Apple Autos booth. Maybe it was our plasma screen playing our brand video, the free t-shirts, or the tire gauges that many thought were laser pointers; or maybe it was the fact that we were located in what we thought was the perfect location—right across from the kitchen and baking aromas! But we were thrilled at the amount of students who approached us and said, “So what are you guys all about?”.

We were met with curiosity and left encouraged by the amount of students who ultimately want help others as their end goal. There were many aspiring nurses, psychologists, and physical therapists, and though Apple Autos doesn’t exactly offer jobs in medicine, we’re considering changing our titles to “car surgeon” and “automotive practitioner” to draw more millennial’s in (kidding).

Perhaps one of the most exciting events of the night was the Designation Ceremony. Shakopee High School principle, Jeff Pawlicki along with Ford Next Generation Learning Community members welcomed and thanked all students, parents, and Academy Champions who helped make the Academies of Shakopee possible.

The ceremony was short, sweet, and full of impact. Senior student, Snigdha Panda shared the tremendous amount of resources the Academies offered her just in the last year. Prompting her for a part-time position as a research assistant at a local hospital this past summer, Snigdha said, “[The Academies] helped me solidify my passion for medicine.” She concluded her speech by announcing her recent college acceptance letter and said “I’ve been able to do all of this because of Shakopee High School.”

Following Snigdha’s speech was the awards ceremony for the Academy Champions. Shakopee High School is broken up into 7 Academies: Arts & Communication, Business & Entrepreneurship, Engineering & Manufacturing; Health Science, Human Services, Science & Technology, and the Freshman Academy. Apple Autos is the Academy Champion of the Freshman Academy, which prepares freshman for their sophomore through senior year, providing additional time to explore courses offered by the six academies. We’ve loved partnering with this Academy, even if some freshman think tire gauges are lasers.

It is apparent that the students of Shakopee High School are extremely grateful for what their community is doing for them. Everyone wants to know that someone believes in them, and for an entire community equipping them and supporting them through every step, it’s almost impossible not to get excited.

If you want to see the future in action, check out what’s happening in Shakopee! We promise you’ll be amazed.


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