Snacks for Schools Food Drive runs through entire month of September!

September 9th, 2019 by


“Food shouldn’t get in the way of learning. With snacks, our school can make sure that our students have the energy to succeed.” – 360 Communities Partner

Food insecurity is much more prevalent than most of us realize. One place it’s easy to be overlooked is in our schools. No child should have to wake up wondering if they’re going to eat that day. That’s why we’ve teamed up with 360 communities during the month of September and launched our Snacks for Schools food drive!

“Honestly, there are days when students arrive at my office asking for a snack and it turns out to be the ice breaker for sharing and getting support about something going wrong in their day.” – Community teacher

In an effort to keep our students energized and nourished throughout the day, we’re filling up a pick-up truck at all 5 of our locations with non-perishable food items AND donating $1 for every pound of food donated! Help us donate over 1,000 pounds of food to students who really need it.

“With many students facing food insecurity, it’s a huge gift to be able to offer a daily snack to those in need! That extra nutrition helps them get through their day, focus on learning, and shine brighter at school!” –360 Communities Member

Watch some parent and student testimonials here:

“Hunger will not be a barrier to our students learning and participating! Snacks give our students that little boost!” – 360 Communities Partner

Learn more about how 360 communities is reaching more than the hungry here!

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