Very First 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Will Be Auctioned For Charity

December 28th, 2018 by

It is no mystery why the Mustang is the sole-survivor of Ford’s 2019 compact car purging. Can you imagine the devastation? Though we believe all horses go to heaven, we’re not so sure about cobras. But that’s for another time. In more uplifting news…

Ford recently announced that the very first production Shelby GT500 will be auctioned off for charity at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale (Arizona) auction in January.

All proceeds are going to help Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), whom Ford has partnered with for over 35 years. This charity event will add to the more than $2 million of Ford’s annual contributions.

“JDRF always needs more muscle to help kids fight diabetes, so we are donating one of our heavyweights—the very first 2020 Shelby GT500,” said Joe Hinrichs, Ford president, Global Operations. “We know there is no easy cure. That is why we are using our most iconic vehicles to help researches find cures and help millions of children live better lives until that day arrives.”

No one can deny the chemistry between Shelby and Ford. The famous families are joining forces once again and Edsel Ford II and Aaron Shelby are helping to build the hype. The winning bidder of lot number 3,008 will become the owner of vin no. 001–the very first production Mustang Shelby GT500. The winner can choose from the all available colors and options. Live coverage of the auction will air on MotorTrend’s Network.

What’s New for 2020?

Though Ford has not confirmed any performance specifications for the Shelby GT500, internet leaks have once again come through for us. Based on general speculation, we’re looking to expect a 5.2-liter supercharged V-8 engine that makes more than 700 horsepower, 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission paired with the twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V-6 in the Ford GT, and finally a set of 20-inch wheels with 315-millimeter tires at the rear.

So if your pockets are as deep as your love for Mustang’s, there is no better place to be on January 14th than at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction.

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