What Accessories Does Your Truck Need?

November 27th, 2018 by

Because less isn’t always more.

There are many ways to customize your vehicle with aftermarket accessories, but do you know what’s best for you and your lifestyle? Since you have several options, we developed a short list to help you pick what’s right.

Is it better to purchase a spray-in bed liner or a drop-in bed liner?

So you have come to the inevitable crossroads after purchasing your truck. While bed liners are a smart move when it comes to preserving your truck, the best route depends on your lifestyle. Here are a couple tips to help you determine whether you want to drop it or spray it:

Drop it if…

You like easy installation, you often transport heavy and sharp objects, or you may want to sell the truck in a few years.

Spray it if…

You don’t want extra weight or noise in your truck, you want UV protection, you want to increase the value of your vehicle, or you’re into long-term convenience.

Ultimately, it comes down to what you really value and what you’re willing to spend. Are you the budget-friendly, what-if-I-change-my-mind type? Or the pretty, pricey, and permanent type?

Soft Tonneau cover versus hard Tonneau cover?

Debating whether you want a hard or soft tonneau truck cover isn’t as simple as taco shells. Each design has distinct features and advantages to accommodate to your truck and lifestyle. Let’s break it down quick:

Soft tonneau covers are generally made with a vinyl material assembled on a frame. They are a good protector of all things mother-nature—rain, dust, snow, etc. While that in itself is a prime reason to go the soft route, they are also very affordable.

Hard tonneau covers take it to the next level in all aspects. Ultimately, a hard cover secures your cab. Most designs are made from fiberglass, aluminum, and ABS plastic. All of which are incredibly sturdy and durable. Some designs even have maximum water resistance!

Are mud flaps for large trucks only?

Despite what some may try to convince you, mud flaps are not just for looks. And they are not just for trucks either. No matter what your commute looks like, odds are a semi-truck was there before you and left you gifts of debris and rubble. Unfortunately, loose gravel, mud, and dirt can have damaging effects to your vehicle. Mud flaps are famous for saving you from those irritating how-did-that-get-there dings and dents.

It’s a pretty heavy-duty job for the little wheel wings. In their simplest form, they keep the exterior of your vehicle looking squeaky clean.

Does my truck need rear wheel well liners?

Is the sky blue? We’re kidding. While aftermarket parts are optional for a reason, wheel well liners are one of the easiest ways to protect your truck. Because beneath your car lies items that are essential for your truck to run properly: the rail frame, springs, and suspension. In the event of dirt coating these parts, you run the risk of malfunction. And like thunder following lighting, so will rust follow unpurified mud spots.

But wheel wells are not just good for practical use, they are a striking feature for your truck. Created to compliment, it might be safe to say that once you have them on, you won’t want to take them off.

Why are all-weather floor mats the top selling accessory in the United states?

They offer much more than a personal touch to your vehicle. All-weather floor mats–whether you live in Minnesota or not–are a great investment. Dirt, salt, leaves, uncapped beverages and snacks are no friend to an automobile’s interior. Even those who have mastered the skill of eating in their car are prone to spilling every once in a blue moon.

Tray style floor mats make for an easy clean up and can be removed, shaken out, or sprayed down in a matter of seconds. Mats generally consist of strategically sculpted channels that are meant to trap anything from dirt, water, grass, and yes, the occasional french fry.

Ultimately, the point is that your truck is yours. So why not make it feel more you?

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